Trade & Import-Export

Import and export is one of the key sectors in a country’s economic activity. A country that wants to thrive must have the exchange and exchange of goods in the country and with other countries in the world.

With extensive experience in foreign trade and import-export activities, Bao Lam Holdings is willing to provide customers with free support for the entire import and export process.

Import and export trade is the trade, distribution and import-export trust. In each area of ​​import and export trade, businesses will have specific services to support the circulation of goods at a macro level, more specifically to support import-export agencies and enterprises. goods and support the necessary customs procedures.

Import-export trading enterprises like Bao Lam Holdings are the right hand to help the economy grow stronger.

Bao Lam Holdings provides import and export trade services such as:


  • Trade includes free trade activities that buy and sell goods domestically and in Asia. Trade activities include exports and imports.
  • Bao Lam Holdings diversifies types of goods, provides products and services to manufacturers, distributors and consumers. We have many years of experience in foreign trade and import and export trade, with a team of experienced employees to help our customers’ business always be convenient.


  • Bao Lam Holdings has a large warehouse system and distribution center that makes the production or distribution of products to customers never interrupted.
  • In addition, we can connect with service ports, fast and diverse means of transportation, which can meet all customer needs. With a large team of transport, we are present in all major cities and provinces across the country and are always ready to serve customers.


In addition to export, import and distribution activities, we also provide services on import and export trust. Import and export entrustment service is the ticket for domestic and foreign customers. In addition, Bao Lam Holdings also provides additional import and export advisory services. As follows:

  • Bao Lam Holdings will sign foreign trade contracts on behalf of customers and make related foreign trade payments.
  • For domestic customers who are looking for partners, Bao Lam Holdings will consult, recommend customers and business items.
  • Support and advise customers on import and export procedures for goods, on behalf of customers to perform import and export procedures and delivery at ports.
  • Support and solve with customers related to foreign guests.
  • Financial advice on payment, payment levels and payment terms based on trust from customers.
  • Understand the seasonality of goods, understand the geographical characteristics of each different region.
  • Bao Lam Holdings has a long experience working with many partners at home and abroad through reputable e-commerce platforms in the world. Master all import and export regulations.


  • Bao Lam Holdings is committed to providing fast – compact – safe – effective services, ensuring that all import and export activities or entrustment of customers take place smoothly and quickly.
  • The process of forwarding import and export goods ensures timely schedule and exact locations.
  • Professional staff and employees are always ready to support customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Cheap freight – dedicated service, spacious and professional warehouse system, large transportation team.

With Bao Lam Holdings, prestige and quality of service are always on top priority. We always try our best to develop the business of our customers, and we hope to contribute our efforts to promote the maximum development of the import and export industry in Vietnam.

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