Investment & Investment Consulting

Bao Lam Holdings advises customers to use financial resources, physical resources, labor resources and intellectual resources to produce and trade in a certain period of time in order to gain profits and benefits of the commune economy. festival.

Investment advisory services at Bao Lam Holdings Co., Ltd. include:

1. Investment policy advice

– Consulting business investment policies in Vietnam

– Consulting conditional investment, conditional investment sectors

– Consulting investment incentives, investment restrictions, areas prohibited from business investment

– Consult the possibility of investment approval for specific investment projects

– Consulting on investment forms:

+ Investment in establishing foreign-invested economic organizations

+ Investment in the form of capital contribution, purchase of shares or stakes in an economic organization (100% foreign owned company, joint venture company)

+ Investment in the form of PPP contract (public-private partnership form)

+ Investing in the form of BCC contract (Business cooperation contract)

2. Advice on the order and procedures for obtaining investment certificates according to the provisions of the Investment Law

– Consult the order and procedures for obtaining investment certificates

– Guide the drafting of investment cooperation contracts, business cooperation contracts, public-private partnership contracts

– Guidance on drafting application file for investment certificate

– Consulting the monitoring of document approval process, processing of dossiers of application for investment certificates

– Representing investors to contact the competent authorities to carry out the procedures for obtaining investment certificates

3. Legal advice for investors during the investment process

– Advise investors to solve legal problems in the process of implementing investment projects

– Representing investors to contact local authorities, competent agencies to support investment, request investment incentives …

4. Consulting, supporting investors after obtaining investment certificates

– Consult compensation and ground clearance

– Guidance on preparing application file for workshop construction license

– Consulting on other issues arising during the implementation of investment projects (related to real estate, construction contractors, finance, trade …)

5. Consultancy on adjustment of investment projects and transfer of investment projects

– Consulting the order and procedures for adjusting investment projects

– Guidance on application for adjustment of investment project

– Consulting conditions, orders and procedures for transfer of investment projects

– Guidance on application for transferring investment projects

6. Other services

– Consulting seeking investment market information

– Consulting connecting investment opportunities

– Services for obtaining investment certificates

– Service of adjusting investment certificates

– Transfer of investment projects

– Services for investment incentives

– Services for construction permits

– Services for obtaining a work permit, visa, temporary registration for investors and foreign workers

– Tax consulting and tax refund advice

– Providing relevant legal documents

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